Stumpless at a glance

Stumpless is a C logging library built for high performance and a rich feature set.

Stumpless offers a robust set of features to make logging in C faster and easier:

Check out our vision to see our ultimate goal! To see where weโ€™re heading in the near future, check out the project roadmap.

Examples and Documentation

If youโ€™re just looking to start out, then take a look at some of the examples below. There is source code for each of these in the docs/examples folder of the repository if you want to actually compile and run them.

Detailed documentation of each function is included in the header files, and is written using standard Doxygen syntax. You can generate the documentation yourself with the docs build target, or you can look at one of the online builds below:

Source and Contributing

If you want to check out the source code and/or look into becoming a contributor to stumpless, head over to the projectโ€™s github repository to find out more!