stumpless 2.2.0
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Stumpless C++

The Stumpless library for C++ lightly wraps the base C library with an object model, and is intended to make logging feel more natural in C++. Of course, users can also choose to use the C library directly from their code rather than use the expanded C++ library. The library is generated using Wrapture with a collection of specs defined in the wrapture directory of the source for Stumpless.

Basic Usage

The following snippets show some usage patterns specific to C++. If you're looking for basic usage of the C library, check out the main project readme for a quick rundown of what you can do.

Targets and entries can be created by instantiating the appropriate class, just as you might expect:

#include <stumpless.hpp>
// ...
FileTarget myLogFile( "logfile.log" );
Entry processStarting( Facility::USER,
"A new process is starting." );

And then logged to by using the Log function of the target:

myLogFile.Log( processStarting );

The C++ library also puts functions and constants into a namespace and raises exceptions when errors are encountered. For more information and examples on what is possible, check out the documentation for the C++ bindings and the example code in docs/examples/cpp.